About Chloé

French autodidact with Tunisian origin, my art remains intuitive.

At twenty, I discovered painting. It was, at the time, a cure for a herniated disc that paralyzed my leg for a few months. I was not able to get out and had to stay at home. The expressive arts allowed me to escape in a unique way, and allowed me to discover artists such as Lepolsk, and Kandinsky. Since then painting has never left me.

Being self-taught, I looked for my style, my imprint through books, exhibitions, and websites. I began to learn different techniques, and how to use several types of materials in my art. So that I would able to share the culmination of my passion with the world today.

Chloe Chemama peinture


Our paints come with a authentification certificate.

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13 Décembre: ART PARTY à l'hotel Christopher


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Alexandre Peter

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